Currency Converter Desktop Icon
Currency Converter & Currency Graph Desktop Icon

When we speak with our clients, quite often the feedback we get from clients is that they would love to have a nice simple icon on their desktop that they can click to view currency graphs, exchange rates (both live and historic), view currency news and even book their foreign currency payments all at the click of a button right from their desktop.

Picture this: You need to find an average exchange rate for the quarter for your accounts, maybe you need to check the status of a payment, maybe you need to view charts to get an idea of where exchange rates are trending or maybe you simply want a link that you can click to book payments the easiest possible way.

For that reason we have created a great little icon that sits directly on your desktop that you can setup in seconds. To get this great feature for your desktop simply complete the short form below and follow the instructions. It will take seconds to setup.

Format Example: if your cell number is 00353 86 123 4567, please select "Ireland +353" and type "861234567" next to it.
74 5 -=-- 5 =-5 2 77=